Sunday, 27 February 2011

fly ~ ~

Adakalanya aku macam dah malas nak ambik tahu hal sesiapa lagi. Aku dah tak peduli. Ini bukan kali pertama aku breakdown. So kali ni aku tak kan cakap

“this is the worst breakdown i ever had”

Because technically, siapa yang pernah breakdown without feeling worst? Every breakdowns have their own story and reason for being so. But sometimes the past did hunt you back and at the same time there are questions

“what if.. “


“why not?”

“what did i ever do?”

“whose fault was it?”

and some other fucking questions. The worst part is you don’t know the answer.

Gosh, i just can’t wait to get out of here. I’m not being myself for months.
Breakdowns. Breakdowns.

But when things get back to normal, karma strikes. Babi. Me-so-sad =’[

oh my gucci . . im crazy on this ! !

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

who will win in fight pirates or ninjas ?

ninjas :)


I seriously want to update my blog and write something but i have no idea what to write about. I have no topic. Seriously man, I feel so pissed of right now. Grrrrr!

just for you :)

1st tyme

after 1 year ++ together
20 february 2011 akhirnye kami p tgok wayang bersame

no strings attached movie yg kami pilih :)


last sunday i went to jusco aeon at balakong for watching a moviee . .
tgh jln2 npk tatoo punyer shop . .
seddenly my bf said " dlu i pnh nk bukak kedai tatoo "
i say " so do i , dlu i nk sgtt buat tawu npk cantik "
oh my gucci br sy tawu bahawe kami ade psamaan mase kecik2 dlu awesome :)

sudah !

penat update tdoq plak :) nyte2

23 september 2010

celebrate besday suami yang terchenta Raja Mohamed Shah Izzat

turut menjayakan majlis besday boy ini adalah Aminur Rashid hehe . .  husband i punyer bestie sambil menunggu kedatangan Abdul Hayyi yang tidak muncul sehingga masing2 t'tdoq ;p

untung budak ini dapat 2 kek hehe

kek ney umi yang bg upin & ipin so cute like H I M hehe . .

yang nie saya bg . . simple but okey la kot kn2 hehe . .ape2 pun mlm tu walaupun celebrate 3 orang tetap fun hehe . .

can i have it ?

aku xphm :)

Not ordinary. Not typical. Not you. But me. Just bare with it. Revenge is waiting if you ask for it.

Monday, 21 February 2011

tired . .

xbleh tdo . . adoi dala penat ney . .
husband plak tgh keje m'buhsankan . .
Raja Mohamed Shah Izzat penantian 1 pyiksaan tawu x huhu . .
btwn love you sygs . .
haaaa . . roomate aku plak still blaja
dgn penuh semangat utk m'buat blog ini ehehe . .
pulun la Erin oyt :)

netball . .

guys plss stop playing like sh!t . .
call me stupid and i show u one :)


new . . new . .

hye guys im still new in this so . . agak kelam kabut cikit . okies ?